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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Creating a new guide from scratch

Start with Create Guide on the LIbguides home page.

When you create a new guide, the system default is the usual layout with tabs on the left.
Use this for most Course, Subject, or Topic guides.

New layouts
We have some new layouts available. We're calling these Blueprints. See our Blueprint guidelnes for when to use these different layouts.

Name your guide - Use something simple and direct.

  • Course guides - Put the course number first and course name after it
    Example: LRC 480/580 - Children's Literature in the Classroom
  • Subject guides - Use the subject name that is used by your college or department.
    Example: Nutritional Sciences
  • Topic guides - Use a specific topic name
    Example: LGBTQA+ Awareness

Name your first page

  • The default name for the first page is now Introduction (not Home).
  • Feel free to change it to something more specific, such as Getting Started, Background Information, or whatever makes sense.
  • If you guide has only one page, name your first page something that makes sense that will show after the colon.
    Example: TLS 319: Language Arts and Literacy Practices for Young Children

Leave it blank (It makes the guide cluttered and too wordy).

Guide types

  • General purpose - for guides that are landing pages, or portals to other guides, like our Tutorials page
  • Course guide - for a specific course
  • Subject guide - for a subject-based guide (broad disciplines)
  • Topic guide - for very specific topics, such as LGBTQA+ Awareness
  • Internal guide - for guides for staff that are never intended to show to the public

    NOTE: if you are making a subject or topic guide you must include a tag if you want it to show up on the landing page for Subjects or Topics. See the list of tags.

Group assignment

  • University of Arizona Libraries
    Note for UA Main Campus: you must select your group assignment to make sure your guide contains UA banners and styling.

Share guide content

  • Choose No for internal guides.
  • Choose Internal if you want others at UA Libraries to be able to copy your guide as the basis for one they are creating.
  • Choose Community if you want to make your guide available for copying by any library that uses Libguides.