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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Linking to databases


It is best to use this method as much as possible. It will keep the database links up-to-date centrally which means that if we remove the database from the master list, it will be removed from all guides where it was placed as an asset.

If the Database was merely included in a guide as an HTML link, it won’t magically disappear when the asset is deleted.

To link to databases, click Add/Reorder and choose Database from the list.

Search for the database and select it from the results.

You'll then see a screen with some choices.

Read the description. In most cases you'll keep the existing one.

In some cases, you may want to write your own description that is relevant to your specific topic. You can put that in Custom Description.

Description Display: We recommend keeping the default choice: Display beneath item title.

Then hit Save.

Enter all of your databases. Preview your page to see if everything looks good.

Sort order: If you would like to put them in order by title automatically, you can click on Sort Database Group and sort by title.

Example of a database list

The image below is from this guide:
Mexican American Studies.