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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Reusable content boxes

The boxes on this page can be copied into your guides as an easy way to reuse content. When you reuse a box, you have two choices:

  • map
  • copy.

A mapped box will stay connected to the original one, so that if it is updated, that update will automatically appear in your guide.

A copied box isn't connected and won't receive updates. That's useful if you want to change the box in some way and keep it up-to-date yourself.

How to map or copy a box

  1. Add new box.
  2. Choose a guide, then select the box you want to copy or map.
  3. If you want to copy instead of map, check the "Copy" box. (Map is the default).

Remember that your box will stretch or shrink in width depending on the size of the column you put it in.
So you may want to experiment with where to place it on your page.

How to remove a mapped box

To remove a mapped box from a page, click the X in upper right corner of the box.

You'll get a warning that tells you that only the mapping will be removed. The original box will remain in the system.

Click "I understand..." and then Delete.

The boxes below can be mapped into your guides

  1. Become a library ambassador! This box will help us recruit students to be in our UX participant pool.
  2. More boxes coming We plan to create more reusable content boxes. Let us know if you have ideas for the best content to re-use:

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