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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Copying a layout from an existing guide

Blueprint Guidelines

If you want to use something other than the usual side-navigation, choose a blueprint below, then scroll to bottom of this page for the instructions.

Layout Use for Notes Blueprint name & link Examples
tabs down left side a guide that lists resources (about 8 or fewer pages) Use this for most subject, course, and topic pages. No blueprint needed, it's the system default. Children's Literature
tabs down left side with sub-navigation a guide that lists resources (more than 8 pages) Some guides have extensive information that lends itself to sub-categories.

No blueprint needed, just add sub-pages.
Under Guide Navigation Layout, check "show all subpages."

Library Support for Shifting to Online Teaching
one page: 3 equal columns (33,33,33) a landing page for listing other guides or tutorials one column for more info, other columns for main content 1 page 3 columns 33-33-33

Learn with Tutorials

one page: unequal column widths (25, 50, 25) a guide where you want readers to see everything on one page useful for concise, at-a-glance info 1 page 3 columns 25-50-25
News Literacy
one page: 2 unequal columns (25,75)

a landing page where you want the left side to show related helpful info (instead of tabs)


If the page is long with several boxes or sections, create links down to each section in the left column, as in this example page. 1 page 2 columns 25-75

AME 320

one page: 4 equal columns

pedagogical information about a process where you want readers to see all steps at a glance

useful for showing steps (from left to right), but also letting people skip the steps they already know and get right to the ones they need

1 page 4 columns 25-25-25-25



Asian & African History


College of Education Dissertation Proposal Design and Comps Preparation


Articulate Rise instead of a Libguide pedagogical guide with extensive information of different types. Info that can benefit from accordion style and other features of Rise. Use sparingly. Work with Nicole to create.

TSL480/481 - Children's Literature in the Classroom (Fall 2019) - (not live)

Social Research Instruments for Public Health

Systematic Reviews (not live, in progress)



To use one of these blueprints, choose Copy Layout/Content from an existing guide when creating a new guide.

Go to LibGuides and sign in.

  1. Scroll down and select Create Guide – you will see the screen below.
  2. Using the dropdown menu select “Copy content/layout from an existing guide.”
  3. Type the first few letters of the name of the guide that you want to coy and then select the guide when it shows up on the list.

Here are the names of our blueprint templates (they are actually just Libguides with boilerplate content in them):

  • 1 page 2 columns 25-75
  • 1 page 3 columns 25-50-25
  • 1 page 3 columns 33-33-33
  • 1 page 4 column 25-25-25-25

Follow the instructions on Creating a new guide from scratch for Guide Types and Group Assignment.

Be sure to delete all the placeholder content and replace with your own content.

IMPORTANT: If you are copying content from another source make sure that you remove the formatting by highlighting your text and clicking the Remove Format button.