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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Set up your profile

To get started with LibGuides, you need to set-up a profile. This appears in each of your guides and usually includes your phone number, office location, email and photo.

1.       Select My Profile from the Libguides dashboard.
2.       Change Profile Box Title to "Your Librarian."
3.       Under Profile Image select "Upload a new profile image" and Select New Image. Add your professional photo (use the one from the staff directory).
4.       In the contact section under Address, enter your library location and office number.
         Example: Main Library A205.
5.       In the contact section under Phone Number, enter your library phone number. Include the area code.
          Example: (520) 621-4455.  
6.       In the contact section under Email Address, enter your library email address.  

Your profile will look like this:

Profile Boxes

You can decide whether or not to show your Profile Box using the upper right menu: Guide Navigation Layout.


If you want your profile box to display, choose UAL Side Nav - Automatic Profile Box.

If you don't want your Profile Box to display, choose UAL Side Nav - No Profile Box.


If you want to display more than one Profile Box (or if you are creating a guide for someone else and want their box to show instead of yours), follow these instructions.

1.       Select add Box at the bottom of the left column.
2.       Name the box "Your Librarian."
3.       Use the dropdown arrow next to type to select Profile.
4.       Click Save.
5.       You will see your own profile box appear.
6.       Click the gear icon.
7.       Select an additional person to add.
8.       The box will now show that person's profile box instead of yours.


Example of a guide with multiple profile boxes: Instructional Design and eLearning