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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Finding images to use in your guides

For a useful list of sources for images that are free to use, see our Copyright guide page, Finding and Using Works in the Public Domain and Works with Creative Commons Licenses.

Some good sites to start with for free images are Unsplash and Pixabay.

Example: a guide with several images: History: All Subject Guides

How to insert images into your page

See these guides from Springshare:

There are many more detailed help guides for images on Springshare's site.


Book cover images

If a book cover image does not automatically show up when you add a book you have a few choices:

1. Leave it blank (although this makes it harder for users to tell that the item is a book).

2. Use the default book image (it's a blank cover, either white or blue).

  • Select the drop down from the menu under Cover Art.
  • Select Default-White or Default-Blue.

3. If you do not want a plain cover, locate the cover art from a different source.

  • Search for the title.
  • Save the cover art.
  • Upload the cover art to the Libguides image manager.
  • Copy the image’s URL from the image manager.
  • Paste the URL into the URL box. (You may want to experiment with the best size, small, medium, or large).
  • Click Save.

ALT text for cover images

Since the book title will be right next to the cover, use an empty alt attribute. If you don't, then people with screen readers will hear the title read twice (annoying). Only use ALT text for covers if they stand alone without titles near them.

Accessible images

For details about making your images accessible, see our Accessibility guidelines.