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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Videos - YouTube

1. Find the video you want to embed from YouTube.
For example:

... and click Share.

2. Click Embed.

3. Then click Copy to get the embed code.

4. In your guide, add a Rich Text box. Click Source to switch to the HTML source view.

5. In that view, paste your embed code.

6. Hit Save and Close. You’ll see it in your editing view.

7. Hit Preview (top right corner of your guide) to see how the public will see it. You can add more information under the video in the same box if you like.

8. If the video looks too big or too small in the context of your page, you can change the dimensions in the code. (YouTube embed code uses fixed widths).

Go back to the HTML source view.

Look for the width setting and change it to a different value. If your code has both width and height, change them both in proportion to each other.

Here’s an example with a smaller width of 400 pixels. This might be better if you are putting your video in a narrow column of your page.