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Libguides Editing Guidelines

Course Guides

When you create a new course guide, and make it live, it will appear automatically on the Course & Program Guides page, in the alphabetical drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Name your page with the course number first. It will show alphabetically in the list.
Example: PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology

Program Guides

If your guide is for an entire program instead of an individual course, we can list it as a Program Guide on the Course and Program Guides page.

How to:

  1. Set your guide as a Course Guide in the system.
  2. Do not apply any of the tags in the list of tags for Subjects and Courses. (so that it won't appear automatically in the boxes divided by discipline). Either leave the tags blank, or use other tags that are not in the list.
  3. As soon as your guide is live it will automatically appear in the drop-down menu on the top of the Course and Program Guides page.

  4. Email Nicole so she (or our grad student) can manually add your Program Guide in the appropriate category box on the page. Be sure to tell us which discipline box you would like it to appear in (such as Architecture or Education).

    Here's an example of a topic that has both Course and Program guides.


  • As soon as you make your program guide live (set as a Course guide in the system) it will automatically show in the drop-down menu of all Course guides.
  • It won't appear in the boxes below until you email Nicole and tell her to add it.

    That's because:
  • Program Guides are listed manually.
  • Course Guides are listed automatically (using tags + Libguides widgets).

Courses that aren't offered during the current semester

At the end of each semester, choose one of these options:

  • If the course is not being offered next semester: Set status to Unpublished.
  • If the course is not being offered next semester (but you want people who have the link to still be able to access it): Set status to Private.
  • If the course is being offered next semester. Keep the status as Published (and check your links to make sure the page is still up to date).

    Private and Unpublished pages will no longer appear in the list of course pages. You can still find these pages and bring them back in a future semester by setting them to Published again.

Our grad student assistant will send out reminders about this near the end of each semester.

Note: In the past there was a group for moving your non-current course pages to. (UA Main Library Archive). That group has been deleted in favor of this method.