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College of Education Dissertation Proposal Design and Comps Preparation: Guide

Download this guide: Moving Through the Research Process (PDF)

Setting up


Bookmark the following links for ease of access as you research

Select and set up a Citation manager


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Search strategies



Paying  attention to and noting the following as you research will help you begin to focus your searching and locate more relevant resources. 

  • Subject headings and tags
  • Authors that are often cited
  • Titles of journals where articles you are using are being published. 

Select from these tutorials to help you as you progress.



Engaging in the following as you search will help ensure that you conduct a comprehensive search. 

  • Look at the works cited page of articles that are related to your research and then locate the articles that are cited.
  • Use Dissertations and Theses Global to locate related dissertations.
  • Identify landmark studies by paying attention to and tracking what is frequently cited and discussed throughout the literature.