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Tutorials: Information Literacy

What Types of Sources Do I Need?

Should I Rethink My Search?

How Do I Give Credit to the Ideas of Others?

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

How Do I Create a Search Strategy?

How Do I Evaluate Online Information?


Mind Mapping for Focusing Your Topic

Step-by-step guides

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Assignments for classroom use

Instructors: These are assignments that you may want to require in your courses.

Library Tutorials in D2L

You may self-register for Library Tutorials in D2L. Then link to Library Tutorials in D2L from your course pages and ask your students to self-register.

Students who complete tutorials will automatically receive a certificate for one that they can submit to any course. The certificate is issued when a student receives 80% or higher on the tutorial quiz. An final certificate will be generated when they complete all five of the required tutorials.