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Popular vs scholarly

User comments on Popular vs Scholarly Sources
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Shown below are the 100 most recent comments as of  July 13, 2023.

Date Rating Comments
2023-07-13 2 It basically taught me that less pages = popular source and more pages = scholarly source, which I don't think is true. Should explain why it is or isn't even when you get it right
2023-07-08 5 It was quick and easy to understand, yet still provided useful knowledge.
2023-07-08 4 Could go further into describing the different sources and showing more examples in the first part. The quiz required a lot of background knowledge on popular magazines and such that many individuals may not know and might be left guessing rather than learning the difference.
2023-07-07 5 Amazing UI, from the tech team at Arizona, along with the quiz slides containing relevant examples to this tutorial about Popular vs Scholarly Sources. Thank you Arizona Libraries!
2023-06-28 3 good
2023-06-20 4 It was good. I didn't know the difference between scholarly and popular. I thought it was all the same thing.
2023-06-20 4 Popular vs Scholar Sources helped me dictate the difference on certain topic sources.
2023-06-08 5 Definitely helpful. It got me thinking about what I am reading, and by whom it was written.
2023-05-23 1 i dont like this
2023-05-19 4 Difficult for me to rate given I've worked in libraries for twenty-five years and am I history major. I'd be curious to see the results of someone less familiar with scholarly versus popular sources. Thank you.
2023-05-08 5 Elemental and effective
2023-05-04 5 This process is fluent. Super!
2023-05-04 3 this tutorial did not have a video which I believe made it less effective.
2023-05-04 5 This tutorial was very easy to understand and provided good information.
2023-05-04 4 very short, but taught me the clear difference
2023-05-02 4 This tutorial was helpful helping me identify the different types of sources.
2023-05-02 5 helped me understand
2023-05-02 5 Very helpful
2023-05-02 5 It was interesting to point out which source was which. This was helpful to distinguish what sources are better than others when trying to find which articles to use.
2023-05-02 5 great
2023-04-30 3 It didn't really show me anything that I didn't already know. It was a decent reminder for what to look for, I guess?
2023-04-30 3 I found this a bit quirky, and hard to evaluate because the material was so familiar to me.
2023-04-30 5 it was useful
2023-04-30 5 It was pretty great!
2023-04-27 5 I think it was good and helped me get better understanding on the main differences
2023-04-25 5 Not too bad it was a nice quiz to develop my understanding of sources.
2023-04-22 5 Very easy to use and absolutely fun and interactive way to learn. Thank you!
2023-04-20 3 aight
2023-04-20 4 First slide did not show us what to look for whether it was a scholarly journal or popular magazine . From the quiz you normally look at the amount of pages the journal/magazine has without looking at the front cover of it.
2023-04-13 5 It was fun!
2023-04-12 5 it had nice citations
2023-04-11 5 good
2023-04-08 5 The information provided about the distinctive qualities of a popular article and a scholarly article is optimal knowledge that enables an individual to choose the adequate article s for analysis when partaking in research.
2023-04-05 5 Short and sweet! Very good.
2023-04-04 4 Solving this quiz has helped me learn more about the difference between popular sources and academic sources, this could help me in college when I have to do a research paper.
2023-03-30 3 it was ok
2023-03-28 5 It helps to know more about the characteristics from both of them.
2023-03-27 5 I enjoyed this sort of assignment, it was very informative while not being tedious and long. Got the point across very well, I like that there is a test at the end that made me really understand and solidify the concept.
2023-03-27 5 great!
2023-03-26 4 4 stars\nThis tutorial was effective and very useful. Thank you.
2023-03-26 3 I mean, it felt mostly like common sense but I can see where 1) even I get confused and 2) why some people would need this.
2023-03-26 5 I liked it!
2023-03-25 3 How do you tell if it has scholarly information based on a citation alone?
2023-03-24 5 loved it
2023-03-24 3 I did like how simple it made the differences between a scholarly source and a popular source.
2023-03-23 5 I think this tutorial was very helpful. I am now able to find the difference between a scholarly article and a popular article. Popular articles are mean to attract more attentsion.
2023-03-23 5 This tutorial is of great value.
2023-03-23 4 It was clear and understandable, and easy to learn for fast learners
2023-03-22 5 great
2023-03-22 5 It is good
2023-03-22 5 It was a great way to see the difference between the two in a short amount of time.
2023-03-19 5 great
2023-03-19 5 Overall, it is a straight-to-the-point tutorial. I do wish there were a few more examples of popular sources but it does provide a good baseline.
2023-03-19 5 Great
2023-03-19 5 The lesson was very straight forward, easy to understand and gave good examples of popular vs scholarly sources.
2023-03-16 5 It was good
2023-03-16 4 It was good
2023-03-16 5 This tutorial was very straightforward and easy to understand. Would recommend.
2023-03-16 2 didn't influence much
2023-03-16 4 good!
2023-03-16 5 cool
2023-03-16 3 Wasnt much of a tutorial tbh.
2023-03-15 5 It helped me see the differences between the scholarly articles and popular articles :)
2023-03-15 3 I liked how it had a quiz for us to determine if the citation was a popular or scholarly source.
2023-03-15 5 yes
2023-03-15 5 Very effective! Thank you!
2023-03-15 4 It was pretty accurate at detecting what's popular and scholarly.
2023-03-15 5 meow
2023-03-14 3 Much better than the Primary vs Secondary Sources module.
2023-03-14 3 Much better than the Primary vs Secondary module.
2023-03-14 5 educational
2023-03-14 5 This tutorial helped me a lot.
2023-03-14 5 This tutorial was very useful
2023-03-13 5 This tutorial was very effective in the differentiation on popular and scholarly sources.
2023-03-13 5 It was great and very informative!
2023-03-08 5 effective
2023-03-07 4 Thank you!
2023-03-03 5 Fantastic
2023-02-28 5 grear
2023-02-27 5 good
2023-02-27 5 good
2023-02-27 5 This tutorial helps me to distinguish scholarly sources from popular sources.
2023-02-27 5 giving understanding of which sources is consider a popular source or scholarly source.
2023-02-27 5 Good tutorial
2023-02-26 5 It was great
2023-02-26 5 It was great!
2023-02-24 4 This was a good baseline tutorial. Going more in depth would make this tutorial better.
2023-02-24 3 It was a great way for me to notice to differences in writing
2023-02-23 5 It was very helpful!
2023-02-23 4 Including examples of both popular and scholarly citations in the quiz was really helpful.
2023-02-22 5 It showed great examples to help understand the difference between scholarly and Popular sources.
2023-02-21 5 It was great
2023-02-21 4 It was great help in differentiating Scholarly and Popular Sources.
2023-02-21 5 I am having trouble receiving the certificate on the "Awards" page.
2023-02-21 5 Great tutorial
2023-02-21 5 Very informative. Learned how to differentiate between popular and scholarly sources.
2023-02-21 5 very helpful
2023-02-20 4 helpful
2023-02-20 4 I think the tutorial should also include information on trade publications. Also, I think an example of the different publications before taking the quiz could help.
2023-02-20 4 Looking at the covers of popular vs scholarly sources helped a visual learner like me to distinguish the two