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Learn with Tutorials: Get started

Get started with library research

These tutorials will teach you how to become a better library researcher.
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Cute cat sitting at a laptop with a notebook and cup of coffee

What Kind of Researcher Are You?
(2 min)
Helps you decide which tutorial to start with.
Fun personality quiz

female student in thoughtful pose, hand on chin, looking at her laptop screen

Should I Rethink My Search?
(15 min)
4.53 stars Comments
Average rating 4.53 of 5 (1,087 responses)

screenshot of first two pages of a scholarly article, with each section labelled

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article
(2 min)
4.53 stars Comments
Average rating 4.51 of 5 (2,085 responses)

female student sitting at a table with several books and a laptop

What Types of Sources Do I Need?
(15 min)
4.47 stars Comments
Average rating 4.47 of 5 (2,814 responses)

male student scrolling on laptop and looking carefully at the screen

How Do I Evaluate Online Information?
(20 min)
4.46 stars Comments
Average rating 4.46 of 5 (3,133 responses)

outline of two human heads facing each other, with colorful blocks representing their brains

Topic Chooser
(5 min)
4.46 stars Comments
Average rating 4.42 of 5 (62 responses)

female student wearing headphones and typing on a laptop

How Do I Create a Search Strategy?
(10 min)
4.59 starsComments
Average rating 4.58 of 5 (3,799 responses)

top down view of part of a Mac keyboard, a pen, a pencil, a pair of eyeglasses, and a pad of paper

How Do I Give Credit to the Ideas of Others?
(16 min)
4.51 stars Comments
Average rating 4.49 of 5 (3,963 responses)

Popular vs Scholarly Sources
(3 min)
4.57 of 5 starsComments
Average rating 4.57 of 5 (4,111 responses)