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Instructional Design & eLearning

Other tools

Tool What it's good for Who has access Examples Notes
Action Bound Mobile app for creating scavenger hunts. UA library staff When we were in person on campus this was used for scavenger hunts in the library. Create it in your browser, play it in the app (Android & iOS).
Arist Tutorials delivered via text messaging.
Nicole & Yvonne

We are testing a free version for up to 100 students.

We tested it with:

Try a sample text messaging course.

We like Arist, but when it came up for subscription for 2023-24, we put it on hold until we have time to work with some specific courses where the tutorials will be required.

Box Storage for PDF assignments that students download. UA staff Fact checking assignment. We can put PDFs in our UA Box account and make the downloadable by anyone with the link.
Canva Templates for creating posters, brochures, infographics, presentations, logos, and more. Free version for anyone Haven't used this yet.  
Google Docs Use for planning tutorials and laying out the learning goals and content ideas. Free to anyone Used internally for planning.  
Google Jamboard Collaborative whiteboard. Free to anyone Jamboard used by WSG for a discussion about Drupal pages vs Libguides.  
Hypothesis Collaborative annotation tool.
"Using annotation, we enable sentence-level note taking or critique on top of classroom reading, news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and more."
Free version for anyone Annotation demos Leslie is experimenting with this.
Kahoot "Combine quiz, polls, word cloud and other question types with slides to instruct in a more engaging way remotely or in class. Good for game-based learning." Free version for anyone
(basic features)
Haven't used this yet. Kahoot for higher ed.
Mentimeter "Use live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more to get real-time input - regardless if you’re remote, hybrid or face-to-face." Free for testing.
Paid accounts available (we don't have a UA account
Haven't used this yet.  
Padlet Create a collaborative online wall for gathering notes and ideas. You can add images, links, videos, columns for sorting or refining, and more. Make it public or private. Free for up to 3 Padlets Student discussion: What advice would you give a friend who often uses web articles that are not credible?  
Poll Everywhere Get instant poll feedback during live meetings and presentations (remote or in person). Clickable images, ranking, and word clouds. Free for audience size up to 40 people.
Paid plans available.
Haven't used this yet.  

PowerNotes  is a browser extension that allows you to efficiently

  • highlight quotes
  • capture images
  • add annotations
  • bookmark pages
  • save citation information
  • OCR documents
  • collaborate with others
  • review work
  • reorganize content.
Free trial for Fall semester 2021 for anyone in the UA community. See the PowerNotes About page for examples of how it works. See our PowerNotes guide for instructions on how to sign up and who to contact for help.