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Instructional Design & eLearning

Tools for Instruction

The tools listed here are used for creating library instruction, such as online tutorials.

For questions about using these, contact Yvonne Mery or Nicole Hennig.

Quizzes, Forms, Assignments

Tool What it's good for Who has access Examples Notes
Google Forms Tutorial assignments with email results sent to the person doing the assignment. Free to anyone.
Share forms to "anyone with the link."
Assignment for the tutorial Rethinking Your Search. Forms be easily embedded in our tutorial pages made with Articulate Rise.
JotForm Online forms with options not found in Google Forms or Qualtrics. Good for open-ended questions where we want to give feedback that is more nuanced than "correct/incorrect." We have a yearly paid subscription as of 1/25/21. 1 license only for Nicole so far. Analyze an Artifact in the tutorial for CLAS 335: Roman Empire.

As of 2021 we are also using this for "What did you think of this tutorial?" feedback forms.

Forms be easily embedded in our tutorial pages made with Articulate Rise.

Qualtrics Online forms and surveys (with many options).

We use it for quizzes if special options are needed.
UA staff Identifying the Elements of a Citation

This is primarily for surveys, but we made it work for a quiz-like assignment by using logic jumps to show different responses based on what the student chose.

It's a bit complex for simple quizzes. Most quizzes are easier to set up with Google Form or JotForm.

Create Buzzfeed-style quizzes, such as personality tests... use for engagement rather than knowledge assessment. We have a yearly paid subscription as of (what date?). 1 license only for Nicole so far. What kind of researcher are you?

After answering questions, users see 1 of 4 types of researchers, each with links for appropriate tutorials we've made.

  • Independent researcher
  • Collaborative researcher
  • Freewheeling researcher
  • Meticulous researcher
Adobe Acrobat Pro
(Windows & Mac)
Create PDF assignments with forms that can be filled out. UA staff Assignment: Plan Your Search Strategy

We created PDFs that are editable by students so they can complete them and send to their instructors (or upload to their D2L course).