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Instructional Design & eLearning


Tool What it's good for Who has access Examples Notes
Vyond creating animated videos Nicole & Yvonne Accessing Scholarly Journals from Off-Campus  

Log in via:

  • Web—go to
  • Zoom app—choose the SSO option,
recording a Zoom meeting or webinar UA faculty and staff Webinar recording: Zoom: Learning about the in-meeting tools & interface
(58 min)

Check your Zoom app periodically for updates. See the Zoom Download Center.

Zoom information from Office of Instruction & Assessment

Panopto recording lectures or live events, screencasting, hosting videos that can be searched, and many other features UA faculty and staff Panopto video embedded in this site: Welcome Global Librarians We chose Panopto because Vimeo & YouTube are blocked in some countries. (China, for example).
Vimeo hosting videos so they can be embedded elsewhere (such as in tutorial websites or Libguides) R&L department (ask Leslie or Nicole for password). This account is managed by Marcom (contact Kenya). Introducing ReDATA All of our tutorial videos are hosted on Vimeo. (except those that are aimed at an international audience, see above)
YouTube sharing our videos with a wider audience
(many students search YouTube for how-to videos)
This account is managed by Marcom. Nicole also has access. Our Information Literacy Tutorials We've added copies of our basic info literacy tutorials here so more people can find them.
3PlayMedia captioning videos Send your Vimeo videos to Margaret Verebelyi (, and she sends to 3Play for captions. The captions are added to Vimeo for you. You can proofread them, and she makes corrections.   All of our video tutorials have captions in order to meet accessibility requirements.
Edpuzzle Editing existing videos (made by yourself or others) to add quiz questions, voice-over, and more.

Includes analytics to see who watched it, where they stopped, and their quiz scores.
Free to anyone.   We haven't used this for anything yet.
PlayPosit Adding interaction points to existing videos, such as multiple choice or true/false questions, reflective pauses, polls, discussions, and more. Integrates into D2L. anyone at UA Example on PlayPost page

We haven't used this for anything yet.

Panopto can also add interactive points to videos.

ScreenPal Video creation - Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook Free for basic features.
Paid plans available.
Haven't used this yet.