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Instructional Design & eLearning

Welcome UA Libraries Staff!

Instructional Design and eLearning Unit
We can help you build expert online instruction for students, instructors, library staff, and wider audiences. See our examples.

You write the content, we transform it into interactive learning.

Our team

Our offerings

  • We develop, build, and design learning objects based on subject expert content: Examples.
  • We train UA Libraries faculty and staff on best practices for instructional design.
  • We manage LibGuides.
  • We oversee integration opportunities with campus LMS and online services.

Our mission

We provide students with flexible online learning opportunities that will help them acquire the information literacy skills for college and life-long learning.

Our pedagogical approach is one of inclusivity: accessibility in design, anti-racist approaches to creating content, and ensuring students feel represented in a safe space. We engage in ongoing assessment to meet our learning and inclusivity goals.

Our unit is part of the Student Learning & Engagement Department.

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Our process

Our collaborative process

Subject matter expert / librarian

  1. You write the initial content (Google Doc or Word)
  2. Then meet with Yvonne to discuss: your audience, your learning goals

Instructional designer
Yvonne transforms the content into a script with storyboard.

  • adds comprehension checks
  • makes it interactive
  • uses best practices for Universal Design, pedagogy, accessibility

You review the script/storyboard and give feedback.

E-Learning developer

  • Yvonne sends edited scripts, storyboards, and quizzes to Nicole for production.
  • Nicole creates first draft of website containing text, activities, quizzes, and interactive content.
  • Nicole edits video script for conversational style and clarity.
  • Nicole records the audio for the animated video.
  • Nicole uses Vyond animation software to create the animated video. She works from Yvonne’s storyboard which suggests scenes & characters for the video.

    Your Review
  • First draft of video sent to you for review.
  • First draft of website with interactive activities sent to you for review.
  • Nicole makes any changes needed to the video and website.
  • Nicole uploads final version of video to Vimeo and final version of the website to our library website and/or D2L.
  • Video transcript is sent off for captioning.
  • Nicole proofreads the captions.
  • Nicole sends final link to the site to you (subject matter expert). You distribute it as needed.
  • Every tutorial has a basic feedback form included (What did you think?) with a start rating of 1 - 5, and place for comments.
  • Periodically we collect and report usage stats (how many views).
  • We work with you to design assessment of the skills & knowledge gained by your audience.

You review the work at every step

development, pre-production, production, distribution, assessment


See the rest of this guide to learn about the tools we use for video, images, quizzes, and more.

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