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PowerNotes: A Pilot

What is Power Notes?

PowerNotes  is a browser extension that allows you to efficiently

  • highlight quotes
  • capture images
  • add annotations
  • bookmark pages
  • save citation information
  • OCR documents
  • collaborate with others
  • review work
  • reorganize content.

Getting started

As a UA community member you can help test this tool by signing up for it during our pilot. We welcome your feedback about the usefulness of this tool.

PowerNotes: organize your internet

How to install it

  1. Go to PowerNotes and click the "Add browser extension" button. You can install it for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
  2. Click on the PowerNotes logo in the extension tray and then click "sign up." (Use your UA email address).
  3. Click the verification link in your email.
  4. You will then be sent to a page with instructions for getting started.

Learn more

How can you test this tool during the pilot?
Download it and install it using the instructions on this page.

How long will the pilot last?
For the fall semester of 2021.

Who can you send feedback to about this tool?

Shelley Rodrigo, Senior Director, Writing Program

Catrina Mitchum, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Writing Program/Department of English

We welcome your feedback!


If you have questions about this pilot, contact anyone below: