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Information from Non-Dominant Perspectives

Multimedia Resources

UA students, faculty, and staff can stream a wide variety of resources.

Use the A-Z Databases: Streaming Video page to view options. These include Kanopy, BBC Video, Australasian Video Online, Black Studies in Video, Independent World Cinema, Latin America in Video, LGBTQ in Video, and other titles useful for seeking underrepresented voices.

Can't Find Something in UA Library?

Looking for something that the UA Library doesn't own? 

Use their FREE inter-library loan service!  Most materials are available with 2-10 business days.

Did you know that you can request a purchase? 

You can request a purchase and the UA Library will evaluate your suggestion.

Related Research Guides

These LibGuides provide additional resources: 

ASU Anti-Bias Anti-Racism LibGuide

This guide includes: Identifying Our Biases, Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias, Anti-Oppression, Anti-Ableism, Anti-Queermisia, Black Lives Matter

Simmons University Anti-Oppression LibGuide

Similar to ASU LibGuide, contains other targeted groups as well as Activism 101 and Social Justice Zines

Anti-Racist Language Guide

Learn about loaded words with a history of oppression, such as blacklist, cakewalk, and other words with racist roots or connotations . Created by a team at UA Library.

UA Law Library Anti-Racist and Social Justice Resources LibGuide

This comprehensive guide explores legal aspects of racism and discrimination and includes a section on Intersectionality, legal resources, and the fight for legal rights for many different groups. 



Inclusive, Culturally Relevant, and Culturally Responsive Teaching UA LibGuide

This Research Guide features resources to support the inclusion of culturally relevant curriculum with inclusive practices. Includes teaching strategies, journals, research strategies with suggested search terms, information about HSIs (Hispanic Serving Institutions), and more.


Related LibGuides from UA Library