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Information from Non-Dominant Perspectives

Indigenous Knowledge and Methodologies

From Indigenous Methodologies to Funds of Knowledge, there are many ways of knowing that are often unrecognized in research, in academic institutions, and in classrooms. Traditional knowledge that originates within Indigenous, Latinx, and other traditionally marginalized communities often remains hidden due to pervasive white-centric perspectives and practices. This devaluation of other ways of knowing is a direct effect of colonization and imperialism, originating in theories from the Age of Enlightenment that legitimized the oppression of "the other." 

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“Decolonization, which sets out to change the order of the world, is, obviously, a program of complete disorder. But it cannot come as a result of magical practices, nor of a natural shock, nor of a friendly understanding. Decolonization, as we know, is a historical process: that is to say it cannot be understood, it cannot become intelligible nor clear to itself except in the exact measure that we can discern the movements which give it historical form and content.”

Franz Fanon (2004)


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Language & Culture

"If you know all the languages of the world but not your mother tongue, that is enslavement. Knowing your mother tongue and all other languages too is empowerment."

            -Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o (1986)


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