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Information from Non-Dominant Perspectives


Community Archives

n.    1. documentation of a group of people that share common interests, and social, cultural and historical heritage, usually created by members of the group being documented and maintained outside of traditional archives.

     -From the Society of American Archivists


Suggested Readings 

Lack of diversity in archival collections is a well-documented national and international phenomenon, including not just the archival records but the archivists themselves. The archival community seeks to change this through strategic recruitment and collection, documentation, and naming practices, yet large gaps remain in the archival record. 


Storytelling & Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

"Telling diverse and inclusive stories for social change that center marginalized communities and build understanding requires that we show the complex ways communities experience systems of inequality."

          -Niemand, Asorey, Christiano, & Wallace, 2021


Suggested Readings