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Information from Non-Dominant Perspectives

Critical Librarianship

"Through intentional social justice practices and the lens of critical librarianship, libraries stand a better chance of expanding the narratives and creating safer and more welcoming spaces for BIPOC librarians. In turn, a more diverse profession can “provide services and resources that would support, encourage, document, and sustain social justice efforts in our communities and help assist in the transformation of society”

     -Myrna Morales, 2014  Diversity, Social Justice, and the Future of Libraries


Suggested Readings 

 These resources highlight the importance of de-centering whiteness for moving the information professions forward.


Suggested Readings 

Recommended Reading

These authors have contributed pivotal works to the field of critical librarianship and traditional epistemologies.

  • Gloria Anzaldua
  • Stuart Hall
  • Linda Tuhiwai Smith
  • Audre Lorde
  • bel hooks
  • Paolo Freire
  • Ngugi Wa Thiongo
  • Combahee River Collective
  • Elizabeth Martinez

These journals and websites provide articles that highlight critical pedagogy, critical issues, and cultural praxis for librarians and information specialists.