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Library Support for Shifting to Online Teaching

Finding Library Ebooks

We subscribe to dozens of ebook packages, giving you access to millions of titles online. See a list of all of our ebook collections.

The number of simultaneous users varies for individual ebooks. We buy unlimited-user access whenever possible, but certain ebooks may not allow enough simultaneous users to work well in courses. Please contact your librarian if you have questions about a specific title, especially for course use.

Browse multi-disciplinary collections

Learn more about finding and using ebooks.

Open Textbooks

Open textbooks are ideal for course use because they allow unlimited access and are free to use, print, share, and customize. Here are some good places to look for open textbooks:

  • Open Textbook Library: includes more than 850 complete textbooks (all can be downloaded for offline use)
  • OER Commons (scroll down the page to find open textbooks by subject)
  • OASIS: includes more than 2,400 open textbooks
  • OpenStax: ebooks come with free instructor resources

Learn more about open educational resources and where to find them.

Library & Required Textbooks

If you're a student, check your student booklist on the UA BookStores' website (see "How do I access my booklist?" under Textbook FAQ). For each textbook, select Check UA Library for ebook ». You can also look in the Library Tools on your D2L Brightspace course sites. Course ebooks will be featured in the upper right corner.

If you're an instructor and you submit your required course materials through the UA BookStores' textbook adoption process on time, the library automatically checks for an unlimited-user ebook version of your required textbook(s). We buy these whenever they're available.

Submit our Check for ebook availability form if you have questions about the availability of a specific title as an ebook, especially for course use. Or you can contact your librarian.