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The University of Arizona

Library Support for Shifting to Online Teaching


Teaching during a time of disruption requires creativity and flexibility so that you can fulfill the essential learning goals of your course under new conditions.  The goal is to try to replicate the essential learning outcomes in a new format, not necessarily replicate the original course design.

The library can help support you in achieving this goal in a number of ways:

Contact your Liaison Librarian at the Main Library or at the Health Sciences Library to talk about the possibilities. 

Information Literacy Tutorials

Below is a selected list of online tutorials to include in your D2L course:

You can link to to these tutorials or you can embed them in your D2L course. Embedding the tutorials will allow you to track quick results.  To embed, self-register for Library Tutorials on D2L.

Step-by-Step Guides

Need help teaching or using a specific databases?
These tutorials will guide your students step-by-step.

All step-by step guides

Course & Subject Guides

We can develop online course guides to support student research. Please review our list of Subject & Course Guides to see what we have already created.

We would be happy to adapt or build upon any of this content to develop something new to support your research assignment(s). 

Guides by Subject 

Guides by Course

To request the creation of a course guide or topic/subject guide, please submit a description of your request and any relevant course materials such as assignments and/or syllabi to your liaison librarian.