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Library Support for Shifting to Online Teaching

Library Tools in D2L

Library Tools

A "Library Tools" link appears in the top toolbar of D2L Brightspace course sites by default, unless a college or instructor has removed it. It contains subject-specific library resources and ebook versions of required textbooks. Work with your librarian to customize the content (Library Tools in Law and Health Sciences course sites aren't fully customizable yet).

Library Tools screenshot with links to library resources

Library Search

Links can break, so you need a permalink to the resource to place in D2L Brightspace or wherever your course content resides. This is a persistent link that won't break from off campus. D2L Help Pages for instructors provide detailed instructions on adding content, adding multimedia, and modifying content (select the > to expand each topic).

To get a URL using library search:

  • Find the content and select the green Available online > link. This will take you to the item in its database.
  • Look for a link titled "Permalink," "Copy link," or "Copy direct link"
  • Selecting that link will usually copy the URL to your clipboard. Otherwise, you can highlight and copy the URL.
  • Paste the URL into our ezproxy tool. This will add an ezproxy prefix to the URL, making access from off campus much easier. (Note: Only use the ezproxy tool with the direct link to the content, not the PERMALINK from the library search page [which starts with https://arizona-primo.hosted]. Adding an ezproxy prefix to library search's PERMALINK will result in a security warning error.)
  • Paste the URL generated by the ezproxy tool in your course site
  • If you need help creating a URL or can't get a URL to work off campus, contact your librarian


If you're using a library database, how you find the URL varies:

  • Find the content and go to the full version of the article, ebook, or video
  • Follow steps 2-6 above

To add a URL for course content to your D2L Brightspace course site, follow these steps:

  • Select Content from the navbar within your course site
  • In a module, select the Upload/Create button
  • Select Create a Link
  • In Title, enter the item's title or your own description
  • In URL, paste the URL (found using the steps above or provided by the library)
  • Check the Open as External Resource box
  • Click Create

It's best to link directly to content rather than uploading PDFs. An exception is with document delivery (digitized chapters and articles we email to you). The links we email you expire after 30 days, so it's best to upload the PDF to D2L Brightspace.