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Referral Guidelines

LTT - Library Tools Tab

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Problems or questions with LTT.   Refer to Jen Church-Duran:

If faculty need a book linked to the LTT outside of the course request process, the liaison librarian can log in and link using these instructions.

You can also contact Elizabeth Kominsky for assistance in linking books and checking use licenses:

The liaison can also provide the directions to the faculty member for them to link the resources themselves.

LTT users are seeing a Stale Request error

You can provide the following suggestions to people when they run into this problem. If none of these work, refer them to Jen Church Duran.  

  • Try clearing cache and cookies.
  • Ensure that cookies are allowed in the browser.
  • Verify that antivirus software is not filtering or blocking the website.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Close all tabs or browser windows that have failed or not logged into the systems.
  • Remember to not use the back button when attempting to log in.