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Referral Guidelines

Springshare products

Question Where to send users Where to ask questions internally Notes

Report technical issues or ideas/suggestions for how we use Springshare products:

  • LibGuides
  • LibAnswers (FAQs, chat and help queues)
  • LibCal (events, room reservations and appointments)
  • AZ Database List (DAZL)
  • LibInsight (data collection forms)
  • LibApps (central login/dashboard)



Form: Technical Help and Support: Springshare

These are for internal communication, not directly to Springshare itself.

Request to add or remove someone from Libguides accounts.



Email Nicole Hennig:


Request to add or remove someone from LibCal or LibAnswers accounts.




Help with Libguides editing, or requests for Libguides training.




Email Nicole Hennig:

See also our Libguides Editing Guidelines.