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Referral Guidelines

Purchase requests or acquisitions

Question User forms Where to forward questions Notes
Instructor wants ebooks for a course

Check for ebook availability

Acquisitions queue in LibAnswers

Use the email for internal questions about  books for courses.
Requests for one-time purchases. Request a purchase

Acquisitions queue in LibAnswers

Includes checking for version updates to existing titles, ie: Can we purchase the 4th ed, vs. 3rd ed.
Requests for subscriptions, trials, or items with ongoing costs.

Collection Management & Assessment queue in LibAnswers

Pay 1 Price program questions

For general questions, refer faculty/instructors to P1P FAQ for faculty page and refer students to P1P FAQ for students page.

Any opt-out questions can go to either the email or 520-621-8868.

Ebook license questions

Acquisitions queue in LibAnswers

Linking course ebooks in LTT   Elizabeth Kominsky