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American Indian history microforms

This is an index of the library's American Indian history microfilms and microfiche. For location info, see using microforms.

Guides are usually on top of the cabinet above their respective microforms unless stated otherwise.

American Indian Correspondence: the Presbyterian Historical Society collection of missionaries' letters, 1833-1893
Micro- film 6418 and guide

American Indian Oral History: The Duke Collection
Micro- fiche 814 and guide

Annual Meeting and Report of the Women's National Indian Association, 1884-1938
Micro- fiche 1312

Annual Reports, U.S. Commission of Indian Affairs 1824-1949
Micro- fiche 1925
These can also be found in digitized form for the years of 1857-1920 by searching Congressional Universe with the term “Commissioner of Indian Affairs” and limiting the search to the desired years. 
Some paper copies are in Special Collections at I 20.1

Applications for Enrollment and Allotment of Washington Indians, 1911-1919
Micro- film 7513

A Birdseye View of Indian Policy: Historic and Contemporary
Micro- fiche 1516

Bureau of Indian Affairs Central Map File: Geographic and Name Indexes
Micro- fiche 1596

Bureau of Indian Affairs Papago Agency Records 1913-1946 (selected)
Micro- film 7836

Bureau of Indian Affairs Records Created by the Sante Fe Indian School, 1890-1918
Micro- film 7497

Colorado River Agency Books, 1879-1914
Micro- film 2455 and guide

Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the Territory of Arizona
Micro- film 1694 and guide
Additional pamphlet: Special Collections; E.181. U5 no. 5

Confidential and Unofficial Letters sent by the Secretary of War, 1814-1847
Micro- film 478 and guide

The Constitutions and Laws of the American Indians
Micro- film 7086

Contemporary Newspapers of the North American Indian
Micro- film 4091 and guide

Council Meetings of the Major American Indian Tribes, 1907-1971
Micro- film 6743 and guide

  • Pt. 1, sect. 1. 1914-1956: Navajo, Five Civilized Tribes, Ute, Pueblo, Cheyenne & Arapaho
  • Pt. 1, sect. 2. 1911-1956: Sioux, Chippewa & Klamath
  • Pt. 2, sect. 1. 1957-1971
  • Pt. 2, sect. 2. 1957-1971

Civil archives of the Yaqui-Mayo, 1784-1844
Micro- film 1414

Docket Books, a Record of the Documents Received by the Indian Claims Commission
Micro- fiche 920

Documents relating to the negotiation of ratified and unratified treaties with various tribes of Indians. 1801-69
Micro- film 1822

FBI File on the Osage Indian Murders
Micro- film 7244 and guide

Franciscan Missions of the Southwest
Micro- film 4286

Index to Compiled Service records of Confederate soldiers who served in organizations from the Territory of Arizona
Micro- film 1692 and guide

Index to compiled service records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who served in the organization from the Territory of Arizona
Micro- film 1693 and guide

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940
Micro- film 7078 (selected reels only)
Online finding aid on the National Archives

Indian Depredation Files
Micro- film 1904

Indian, Pioneer Papers, 1860-1935
Micro- fiche 1169
Index: contained on the last 7 fiches

Indian Rights Association. Papers, 1868-1968
Micro- film 7018; and guide (also at E93.I418 Main Library)

Indian Rights Association. Indian Rights Association papers (1868-1901)
Micro- film 3341

The Indian’s Friend, 1888-1951 (Women’s National Indian Association (U.S.), National Indian Association)
Micro- fiche 1272

Interior Department Territorial Papers: Arizona, 1863-1913.
Micro- film 1417 and guide

Interior Department Territorial Papers. New Mexico. 1851-1914.
Micro- film 2130 and guide

Marsh, Roy Elder. The Federal Indian Policy in New Mexico, 1845-60.
Micro- film 170

The John Collier Papers, 1922-1968
Micro- film 7016 and guide

Journal, Daily Record of Findings, Opinions, Orders and Final Awards, 1947-1978
Micro- fiche 921

Lake Mohonk Conference on the Indian. Report. 1883-1916
Micro- fiche 523 and guide

Letterbook of the Creek Trading House, 1795-1816
Micro- film 2125

Letters received by Headquarters, District of New Mexico, 1865-90
Micro- film 7067 and guide

Letters received by the Office of the Adjutant General. Main Series 1861-70
Micro- film 1823
Guide at GS 4.20:M619 in Government Documents

Letters received by the Office of the Adjutant General 1881-89
Micro- film 2065 (Reel 178 only) and guide
Another guide is at GS 4.20:M 689 (pamphlet) in Government Documents.

Letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-81
Micro- film 234 and guide

  • Reels 4-28.1863 - 1880. Arizona Superintendency.
  • Reels 32-34. California Superintendency.
  • Reels 35-50. 1824-1881. (no location or specific agency indicated).
  • Reels 51-52.
  • Reels 119-126. 1875-1880. Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency.
  • Reels 197-214. 1861-1880. Colorado Superintendency.
  • Reels 219-228. 1824-1881. (no location or specific agency indicated).
  • Reels 229, 235. 1824-1881. Creek Agency.
  • Reels 230-234. 1824 - 1881. (no location or specific agency indicated).
  • Reels 250-273. 1861 - 1880. Dakota Superintendency.
  • Reels 300-303. 1824-1851. Fort Leavenworth Agency.
  • Reels 375-386. 1864-1880. Kiowa Agency.
  • Reel 401. 1875-1876. Lower Brule Agency.
  • Reels 488-518. 1864 - 1880. Montana Superintendency.
  • Reels 519-529. 1876-1880. Nebraska Agency.
  • Reels 546-582. 1849 - 1880. New Mexico Superintendency.
  • Reels 715-726. 1871-1880. Red Cloud Agency.
  • Reels 747-756. 1824-1851. St. Louis Superintendency. (Reel# 756 also includes emigration 1837-41).
  • Reel 767. 1849 - 1851. Sandy Lake Agency, 1850-51 & Sante Fe Agency, 1849-51.
  • Reels 768-769. 1871-1876. Santee Sioux Agency.
  • Reels 840-845. 1875 - 1880. Spotted Tail Agency.
  • Reels 846-852.1875 - 1880. Standing Rock Agency.
  • Reels 858-861. 1847 - 1859. Texas Agency.
  • Reels 878-882. 1855-1874. Upper Arkansas Agency.
  • Reels 883-888. 1824 - 1874. Upper Missouri Agency. (Reel# 888 also includes Upper Missouri Agency Reserve, 1837-49).
  • Reels 889-896. 1846 - 1870. Upper Platte Agency.
  • Reels 921-924. 1832-1851. Western Superintendency. (Reel# 924 also includes emigration 1836-42).
  • Reels 925-927. 1871-1874. Whetstone Agency.
  • Reels 953-958. 1869-1880. Wyoming Superintendency.
  • Reels 959-962. 1859-1876. Yankton Agency.

Letters sent and received, Fort Concho, Texas, 1875-1882
Micro- film 7008

Letters Sent by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-81
Micro- film 465 (Reels 92-166 have subheadings of Land & Civilization and Finance or Accounts)

Letters sent by the Secretary of War relating to Indian Affairs, 1800-1824
Micro- film 479

Letters sent by the Secretary of War relating to military affairs, 1800-61
Micro- film 476 and guide

Letters sent by the Superintendent of Indian Trade. 1807-23
Micro- film 2126

Library of American Indian affairs. Periodicals.
Micro- film 6743 and guide
Also, use library search to search by name of periodical or newspaper: Major Council Meetings of American Indian Tribes, 1911-1971 

Manuscripts relating to the Apache and "Tonto" (Yavapai) by John P. White, physician at the San Carlos Reservation, Arizona Territory, 1873-75
Micro- film 309
Guide: Z1210.A6 U5

Military records (letters sent 1859-90): U.S. Army, Fort Mojave, Arizona
Micro- film 1812

Miscellaneous letters sent by the agents or superintendents at the Pine Ridge Indian Agency, 1876-1914. Bureau of Indian Affairs. South Dakota -- Oglala Indians
Micro- film 7496

Miscellaneous records of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, 1875-1914. U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
Micro- film 287
Guide: I9791.A6 M678, in Special Collections

Narrative of the surrender of a command of U.S. forces at Fort Fillmore, New Mexico, in July 1861. Author: McKee James Cooper. U.S. War Department: Miscellaneous records of the Department of New Mexico and District of Arizona.
Micro- film 768

The Native American (Phoenix Indian School), 1900-1931
Micro- fiche 1213

Native Americans and the New Deal: the office files of John Collier, 1933-1945
Micro- film 7412 and guide

The Native Americans Reference Collection: Documents collected by the Office of Indian Affairs
Micro- film 7413

  • Pt. 1: 1840-1900
  • Pt. 2: 1901-1948

New Echota: Birthplace of the American Indian Press
Micro- fiche 1517

Nixon's Indian Budget: Analysis with Tables
Micro- fiche 1515

The Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D.: Including the Papers of Maria Keller Montezuma Moore and the Papers of Joseph W. Latimer
Micro- film 6709 and guide

The Papers of the Society of American Indians [1906-1946]
Micro- film 7236 and guide

Periodicals By and About North American Indians on Microfilm
Micro- film 7127 and guide

Post Returns, Fort Stanton, New Mexico, May 1855-July 1896
Micro- film 1435

Records Created by the Pueblo and the Pueblo and Jicarilla Indian Agencies, 1874-1900
Micro- film 7168

Records of the Arizona Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1863-1873
Micro- film 1821 and guide (under microform)

  • reel 1. Registers of letters received, 1868-72
  • reel 1-7. Letters received, 1863-73
  • reel 8. Letterbook of Charles D. Poston, 1863-64. Letters sent, 1865-73

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Central Classified Files, 1907-1939
Micro- film 7405 and guide

  • Ser. A. Indian delegations to Washington
  • Ser. B. Indian customs and social relations
  • Ser. C. Indian health and medical affairs

Records of the United States Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920
Micro- film 1802

  • Reel 1: Department of New Mexico
  • Reel 2: Department of New Mexico, letters sent.
  • Reel 3: Department of New Mexico, letters received, 1862-65.
  • Reel 4: Department of New Mexico, letters received.

Registers of Letters Received by Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-80
Micro- film 464

Registers of Letters received by the Office of the Adjutant General. Main series. 1812-89
Micro- film 1819 and guide

Registers of Letters received by Secretary of War, 1800-60.
Micro- film 477

Report books. Office of Indian Affairs, 1838-85
Micro- film 1820 and guide

Returns from regular army cavalry regiments. 1833-1916
Micro- film 3336 and guide

Returns from Regular Army infantry Regiments. June 1821-December 1916
Micro- film 1691 and guide

Returns from U.S. Military Posts, 1800-1916
Micro- film 1652
Guide box: National Archives Pamphlets and Indexes, GS4.20:M617

  • Fort Apache, AZ: Reel 33-35
  • Camp Beale's Springs, AZ: Reel 92
  • Fort Bowie, AZ: Reel 129-130
  • Camp Breckinridge, NM: Reel 143
  • Fort Buchanan, NM: Reel 156
  • Camp Colorado, AZ: Reel 227
  • Fort Craig, NM: Reel 261-262
  • Camp Crittenden, AZ: Reel 267
  • Camp Date Creek, AZ: Reel 290
  • Fort Defiance, NM: Reel 301
  • Fort Garland, CO: Reel 394-395
  • Fort Goodwin, AZ: Reel 410
  • Camp Grant, AZ: Reel 414-416
  • Camp Hualapai, AZ: Reel 494
  • Camp John A. Rucker, AZ: Reel 556
  • Fort Lowell, AZ: Reel 653-654
  • Fort McDowell, AZ: Reel 668-669
  • Fort Mojave, AZ: Reel 787-788
  • Camp Reno, AZ: Reel 997
  • San Carlos, AZ: Reel 1091
  • Tubac, AZ: Reel 1297
  • Tucson, AZ: Reel 1298
  • Camp Thomas, AZ: Reel 1265
  • Whipple Barracks, AZ: Reel 1425-1429

Returns from U.S. Military posts 1800-1916: Camp Thomas Arizona
Micro- film 1520

The Sheldon Jackson collection, 1835-1909 (Presbyterian Church records, correspondence, scrapbooks, photo collection; missionaries in Alaska and the West, Choctaw Indians, 1856-1909)
Micro- film 7487 and guide

South Dakota Emergency Relief Administration. Survey of Indian Reservations, 1935
Micro- film 4199 and guide

Special files of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1807-1904
Micro- film 1433 and guide

State Department Territorial Papers: Colorado 1860-1868 & Nevada, 1860-1865
Micro- film 1423

State Department Territorial Papers: Dakota, 1861-73
Micro- film 1418 and guide

State Department Territorial Papers, Minnesota and New Mexico, 1840-1854
Micro- film 1421

State Department Territorial Papers, New Mexico. 1851-1872
Micro-film 2127

State Department Territorial Papers, Oregon 1789-1873
Micro- film 1420

State Department Territorial Papers, Utah series, 1853-1873
Micro- film 1313
Guide filed with National Archives Pamphlets as GS4.20 M12

State Department Territorial Papers, Utah & Washington, 1789-1873
Micro- film 1425

State Department Territorial Papers, Wyoming 1868-1873
Micro- film 1424

Superintendent's Annual Narrative and Statistical Reports from Field Jurisdictions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1907-1938
Micro- film 7077

Survey of Conditions of the Indians in the United States [hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate]
Micro- film 6678 and guide

Too Proud to Serve: Comment on Wh. H. Olsen's "Proud to Serve"... Report to the Hon. Fred A. Seaton
Micro- fiche 1518

U.S. Adjutant-General’s Office: Post Returns, Fort Lowell, 1866-91
Micro- film 675

US Army - Fort Apache, Arizona. Headquarters records, 1876-1892
Micro- film 1809

U.S. Army, War Department records relating to Ft Sumner, New Mexico
Micro- film 1810

U.S. Congress, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs: Survey of Conditions of the Indians in the U.S.
Micro- film 6678 and guide

United States. Indian Claims Commission. Indian Claims Commission: general rules of procedure, promulgated July 4, 1947
Micro- fiche 621 & 619

U.S. Surgeon General. Reports for Fort Apache, Arizona, 1890-92, Camp Mohave
Micro- film 1811

U.S. War Department, Office of the Adjutant-General: Outline index, military posts and stations - Arizona
Micro- film 770

U.S. War Department: Selected Letters, Dale Creek, Wickenberg/Camp Grant Massacres; Arizona Territory, 1871-72
Micro- film 771

The Washington Matthews Papers: A Microfilm Project of the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, 1843-1905
Micro- film 6853