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SLE student training



University of Arizona Libraries is so glad to have you as a student worker! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help other students at UA access library resources. The library can be a big and scary place, so we're happy to have students like you going to students to help them demystify this big building with lots of books (and realize that the library is so much more than that!) 

We also hope that you'll be able to learn a lot of valuable skills for your own academic career while working as UAL. To start, you'll complete the modules to the left <------ of the page which will help you get familiar with things like:

  • Searching various databases
  • Identifying and avoiding plagiarism 
  • Using citations
  • Using library resources

In addition to learning the ropes with regard to library resources, we've also included modules which will help you learn to work respectfully with groups of marginalized and/or underserved students here at the University of Arizona. These culturally relevant modules will ask you to examine implicit biases and learn more about communities other than your own. We've chosen you as a student worker because we recognized your dedication and desire to work with these communities of underserved students!