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My NCBI Tools & the NIH Biosketch: Role of delegates

Instructions for investigators to create a new NIH Biosketch

How to add a delegate

eRA Commons: see FAQ

NCBI: see My NCBI delegates FAQ

How delegates can help

Administrative staff, graduate students and others can be made delegates on both your eRA Commons and NCBI accounts. Delegates can:

  • Update your eRA Commons Personal Profile
  • Build your bibliography
  • Create a new profile (biosketch)
  • Edit to complete Section B:
    • “Other Experience” & “Prof. Memberships”
    • “Honors”
  • Edit to complete Section D:
    • Non-NIH grants for last 3 years
    • NIH grants with co-investigator role
  • Include public link to My Bibliography
  • Edit biosketch in Word to limit to 5 pages 
  • Produce the PDF