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My NCBI Tools & the NIH Biosketch: Overview

Instructions for investigators to create a new NIH Biosketch

My NCBI access

Click on "Sign in to NCBI" at the top right of the PubMed homepage.  

Steps to a new NIH biosketch*

  • Update Personal Profile in eRA Commons
  • Go to My Bibliography & add citations
    • From PubMed (search by author in Advanced Search)
    • Manually input citations for non-PubMed material 
  • Use "Award" view to check compliance of NIH-funded articles
  • Go to SciENcv & “Create new profile”
  • Use tab “From external source”
  • Select ‘New NIH Biosketch’ from menu
    • Import data automatically from eRA Commons
    • Edit and complete sections A, B, C & D
    • Click in box in section C to include link to My Bibliography
    • Make additional edits in Word, then submit Biosketch in PDF

*mandatory May 25, 2015

NIH Support Contact for the Biosketch

NIH tools and how they work together