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My NCBI Tools & the NIH Biosketch: Step 2 My Bibliography

Instructions for investigators to create a new NIH Biosketch

What is NCBI?


The National Center for Biotechnology Information provides access to NLM databases and supports customized services from MyNCBI, including My Bibliography & SciENcv.

To log in, go to PubMed from the AHSL website

  • Click on My NCBI in the upper right corner 
  • Sign in with your eRA Commons username & password 
  • If no eRA Commons account, register/sign in with UA netID (use the "More login options" and search for "University of Arizona")
  • If applicable, add delegate(s) to the account. Delegates should use their NCBI login

 My NCBI login options


Third party login for My NCBI

Step 2 Build My Bibliography


How to build My Bibliography

My Bibliography is designed to store & manage citations of your scholarly work.
Start to b
uild My Bibliography by clicking on "Add Citation" to:

  1. search PubMed & import citations with the "Send to" function
  2. manually input non-PubMed citations using structured formats

What scholarly works can be added to My Bibliography?

  • Journal articles
    • from PubMed
    • from journals not indexed in PubMed
  • Citations not yet appearing in PubMed
  • Manuscripts submitted to NIHMS
  • Book chapters
  • Talks / Presentations / Grand Rounds
  • Patents
  • Other materials

How do I find my articles in PubMed?

  • In My Bibliography, click on "Add Citation"
  • Default is to search PubMed--click on "Go to PubMed"
  • Click on "Advanced Search," then change search field from keyword to author
  • Type in last name with one or two initials (full names will only search back to 2001)
  • Review search results and click in the boxes next to citations for your articles
  • Click on "Send to" and select My Bibliography, then save

What can My Bibliography do?

  • Provide citations for use within SciENcv & the biosketch
  • Link citations to PubMed & full text
  • Share a public link to all your published work 
  • Assist in managing compliance with NIH Public Access Policy
  • Generate an Award Compliance Report for RPPRs
  • Begin the submission process of manuscripts to PubMed Central