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My NCBI Tools & the NIH Biosketch: Step 1 eRA Commons

Instructions for investigators to create a new NIH Biosketch

What is eRA Commons?

eRA Commons is the online interface for managing NIH research grants.
  • Supports communications  with NIH, including the biosketch and annual progress report (RPPR)
  • Available to: PIs, trainees, post-docs, delegates, and others
  • Obtain an account through Sponsored Projects

Step 1: Update Personal Profile


Make sure your Personal Profile is current and complete
(this information will be imported into your biosketch)

  • Name & ID
  • Demographics
  • Employment--current & past
  • Education--undergraduate & beyond

NIH automatically creates records for your NIH Awards, which are stored in the eRA Commons RPPR module and are imported to SciENcv as well.