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Databases @ UA

There are many sources available to locate literature. No single database is comprehensive. It is a good idea to look in more than one database as well as in online resources when checking to see if the work you are embarking on has already been done or if your looking for literature to establish the premise of your research.

Here are select resources that may be helpful to get you started, available through the "See Health Databases" Recommended list on the Arizona Health Sciences Library website:

MEDLINE- This is a key biomedical literature database. There are many platforms to search MEDLINE such as PubMed or Ovid.  PubMed is freely available to anyone while Ovid is a UA licensed resource.  Access PubMed through the Arizona Health Sciences Library website so that links to full text available through the UA are provided in PubMed. PubMed Online Training
Embase- This is another biomedical literature database. Embase has strong coverage of pharmaceutical and medical device literature. There is also more international literature coverage in Embase.
Scopus- This is a citation index that is multidisciplinary including health sciences literature.  This database will have overlap with MEDLINE and  Embase but may also contain unique information. As a citation index, this database provides information on who cited a work and it also provides the bibliography of the work of interest.  Tracking the cited works or references in a bibliography of a key paper on your topic may lead to papers related to the topic of the original paper you identified.  Scopus Training Videos

Here are Subject/Disciplinary Specific Databases:

PsycINFO- This database is produced by the American Psychological Association.  The focus of this database is on behavioral science and mental health.  The database search results may include records for journal articles, dissertations, and book chapters.  Basic Searching Webinar; Advanced Searching Webinar
CINAHL Plus with Full Text- This database focuses on nursing and allied health. 
ERIC- This database includes records of articles and documents in all areas of education. ERIC is also available on the search platform.
SPORTDiscus- This database includes records for journal articles, dissertations, and books on sports medicine, exercise, sports psychology, and nutrition.
Native Health Database (NHD)-  This database includes records of articles, reports and other documents related to the health and health care of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Nations.  How to Access and Use the Native Health Database

For additional databases see the A- Z Database List.

The library provides a service to obtain the full text of articles that we may not have as a journal subscription. If you are unable to obtain the full text of an article through, consider submitting a request.

Health Statistics

Find Health Statistics by Topic- A table of topics and statistics sources, maintained by the Network of the National Library of Medicine.


Search for abstracts presented at conferences to get at the latest research.

Clinical trials and registered research

Search for ongoing research to see the latest research that is in progress.


HSRProj (archived since 2021. Accessible archive and alternative suggestions listed)


medRxiv:  This is a preprint server for health sciences research. Caution! Preprints are preliminary completed works and are not peer-reviewed publications.  Read more about medRxiv here.