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Reference Managers

Reference managers (also know as citation managers or bibliographic managers) can assist in collecting, organizing, citing and bibliography generation when writing.

Citing Literature

There are many styles which are formatting criteria for citations and writing that are popular in the health sciences such as Vancouver and AMA.  The style you format your references and paper in depends on where you are submitting it to.  Journals will often have a required style which is entitled the name of the journal, but sometimes they are modifications of a style.  Using a reference manager will help streamline the citation formatting process.

Key considerations for information that you identify and wish to use and cite:

Guidance for Reporting Research

Reporting guidelines may enhance reproducibility of your research.

Note, some journals may require that the manuscript report follows reporting guidelines for the relevant study type. For example, see Guidelines for Specific Study Types found in the PLOS ONE Submission Guidelines.

Equator Network
Find guidelines for how to report your research when you embark on writing a report or manuscript. This resource is a portal that allows you to search or browse by major study type to find reporting guidelines and their extensions. For example, CONSORT for randomized controlled trials, CARE for case reports, or PRISMA for systematic reviews.


Where to publish?

PubMed, which includes MEDLINE, is freely available worldwide.  It would be helpful to ensure that the journal you select is indexed in MEDLINE, for wider access.  The following resources may be used to determine indexing for a journal:

Journal Author Name Estimator (Jane)- Paste the tite/abstract in the search box and Jane will compare terms in your title/abstract with those from documents in PubMed and retrieve best matching journals.

Predatory Publishers guide- Learn more about what predatory publishers are, why you should avoid them, and how to check if the journal you plan to submit to is a suspect predatory publisher.

Writing- PubMed RSS Feed

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Open Access

UA Libraries has memberships to select publishers that may provide discounts for open access publishing.  Visit this Open Access guide for more information.