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Ellen Dubinsky

NSF SciENcv Forms Update

August 16, 2023 Update: SciENcv has updated the user interface for NSF Biosketches and Current & Pending (Other) Support Forms. The new user-friendly interface is easier to navigate and clearly identifies fields that need updating or completing. Researchers and their delegates can still access their existing SciENcv forms.

NIH and IES (Department of Education) biolsketch forms have not been updated to the new interface.

Creating your NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support Document

To create a new Current & Pending (Other) Support form, go to your SciEncv account, sign in if you are not already signed in, and follow these steps:

1. Click on “Create a New Document” from your SciENcv dashboard.

2. Give your new C&P Support form a name (e.g. “NSF CandP Support - Fall 2023 - PROJECT X”).

  • In the Format field, select NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support”
  • For Choose Data Source, select either “Start with a blank document” or “Existing Document”
  • Once you have created your first Support document in SciENcv, you can select “Existing Document” and use a previous document as a template, saving you from having to manually re-enter all fields.
  • By default, new forms are marked as “private.” You can always change the sharing settings to “public” at a later time.
  • Click on "Create"

SciENcv Create New Document interface

3. All information required in the NSF Curent & Pending (Other) Support form must be entered manually. You must enter complete information in all required fields.

A red asterisk indicates missing information that must be entered.

SciENcv required information field

4. Fill in required fields as necessary

SciENcv interface for entering Identifying Information

5. Follow the Current and Pending (Other) Support Instructions for details about what information is required for each section of the document:

  • Identifying Information, Organization and Location
  • Project/Proposal Summary
  • In-Kind Contribution Summary

SciENcv NSF Current and Pending Support form sections

6. Similar to the Biosketch forms, the NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support form is saved automatically as you enter information.

Exporting Your NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support form

Once your C&P Support jform is complete, you can export it as a PDF to be included in the grant / funder materials. 

1. On the SciENcv landing page, select the C&P Support form that you want to export.

Select completed biosketch to export

NSF Current and Pending Support download links

2. The C&P Support form can only be downloaded as a PDF document. You or your delegate can download a draft of the C&P Support form at any time. The Download link is only active once all required information has been entered. The "View Draft" and "Download" links are located at both the top and bottom of the webpage.

NSF-CandP Certification and Download link


As of January 30, 2023, the NSF requires that Biosketches and Current and Pending (Other) Support documents are certified as accurate, current, and complete. This Certification process occurs when Biosketches and Current and Pending (Other) Support documents are downloaded as PDF files.

Biosketch certification agreement

Please note: Biosketches and NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support documents must be certified by the Senior (key) personnel when the form is complete and downloaded prior to its upload as part of the proposal (via or Senior (key) personnel must be logged into their SciENcv account to generate this completed and final version of the forms – delegates to a researcher’s SciENcv account may assist in editing the Biosketch and C&P Support forms, but cannot certify the form’s accuracy, currency and completeness on behalf of the researcher. Only the researcher, logged into their SciENcv account, can certify the form.