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Ellen Dubinsky

Exporting Your Biosketch

Once your biosketch is complete you will want to export it to be included in the grant / funder materials. 

1. On the SciENcv landing page, select the Biosketch that you want to export.

Select completed biosketch to export

Biosketch download options

2. After you select the Biosketch you will have the opportunity to export into 3 formats - PDF, Word (only available for NIH biosketches), and XML. (If you export to Word or XML, be aware that any changes you make after exporting will affect the overall format and could cause issues with submission.)

3. Once you select the format you want, you will see a dialogue box that shows the download process. When it is finished, the file should save to your computer; if you don’t see it, check your Downloads folder. 


As of January 30, 2023, the NSF requires that Biosketches and Current and Pending (Other) Support documents are certified as accurate, current, and complete. This Certification process occurs when Biosketches and Current and Pending (Other) Support documents are downloaded as PDF files.

Biosketch certification agreement

Please note: Biosketches and NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support documents must be certified by the Senior (key) personnel when the form is complete and downloaded prior to its upload as part of the proposal (via or Senior (key) personnel must be logged into their SciENcv account to generate this completed and final version of the forms – delegates to a researcher’s SciENcv account may assist in editing the Biosketch and C&P Support forms, but cannot certify the form’s accuracy, currency and completeness on behalf of the researcher. Only the researcher, logged into their SciENcv account, can certify the form.