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1. InCites - HackMDInCites, by Clarivate, is a benchmarking and analytics tool that uses publication information to analyze productivity, impact, and collaborations as reflected in the literature indexed in the Web of Science Databases.  It includes all academic disciplines, but is stronger and provides more narrow sub-field data for STEM fields.

One of the biggest strengths of using InCites for analysis is that you can use and compare normalized metrics that take into account what is 'expected' for other items of the same year, subject area or journal, and publication type.  Also, some metrics use percentages rather than absolute values so that  you can compare publications across different subject research areas on an equal footing.

Much of the material in this guide is taken from the InCites Training Guide and reorganized.  Additionally, thank you to both the University of Toledo and University College of London Libraries for their LibGuides content related to InCites and Web of Science.