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Innovation methodologies

Learn about popular innovation methodologies, strategies, and practical applications. To find more information and research on these methods (and others), use the main library search with popularized terms and/or leader names in quotations (e.g., "blue ocean", "Taiichi Ohno", etc.).

Agile Innovation

Various methodologies exist, including scrum (developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland), kanban (developed by Taiichi Ohno), and lean development (developed by Mary and Tom Poppendieck).

Articles and Guides

Blue Ocean Strategy

Developed by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Design Thinking

Popularized by Tim Brown and IDEO


Double Diamond

Popularized by the Design Council (UK)

Lean Startup

Developed by Eric Ries

Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

"Open Innovation" popularized by Henry Chesbrough

"Crowdsourcing" coined by Jeff Howe, writer for Wired


Six Sigma

Developed by Bill Smith and Mikel Harry (Motorola); Popularized by Jack Welch (GE)