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Nursing Resources

Finding Articles

The UA Libraries license hundreds of general and specialized databases that can help you find scholarly articles and clinical information.

The major databases you will use are PubMed, CINAHL and Embase. All three can be found in the Top Resources link on the AHSL home page, along with a selected list of major biomedical and clinical databases.

If you need help obtaining articles off campus, try this short video:

The sections below contain resources to help you get started with each of these databases; For additional help with any database searching, please contact Maribeth!

Searching the health sciences literature

If you need help getting started, here is a captioned video (18:26) that provides a good introduction to searching health sciences databases like PubMed:

Starting your literature search

Helpful Hint: Use the Enter Fullscreen icon  in the top right corner to enlarge this video. The video has a table of contents so you can skip to specific sections. See below for videos about searching specific databases. 


PubMed is typically the best place to start your health sciences literature search. 


CINAHL stands for the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. CINAHL has a particular focus on nursing journals.  


Embase is especially strong in its coverage of complementary therapies, drugs, and medical devices. Embase indexes many journals not covered by PubMed or CINAHL.