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University of Arizona

Performing Arts

Archival collections housed in Special Collections


Film and Music of the Vaudeville Era MS 705  This collection is comprised of commercially recorded music and film, either in the form of compact discs, DVDs or VHS video tapes. The music recordings feature dance music from the "Roaring Twenties" for the most part, but also include later material up through the 1940s/50s. Some of the music consists of recordings of bands from the time period, and some of it has been preserved and recorded by contemporary "specialty orchestras" whose aim is to preserve the music of this particular era. The films are typically "pre-code era" features or shorts that include former vaudeville performers. A few are concert films of select jazz performers such as Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey. The collection includes 161 sound recordings (all CDs) and 85 films (7 VHS tapes, 78 being DVDs).

Fox Theater Memories Project Records, 1883-2011 MS 560  The Fox Theater Memories Project Records (1883-2011) contains historical research files, oral history interviews, and documented restoration efforts of the Fox Theater gathered by the Fox Theater Memories Project. This collection documents the Fox Theater as it was through press clipping copies, research project files, logs, oral history interviews as well as documented restoration efforts, all collected by volunteers of the Fox Theater Memories Project. Most materials are on copied or printed paper, but there are also newspaper clippings, photographs, written notes, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and Mini DV tapes. Original business records for the theater are unavailable, as they were disposed of in the 1960s.

International Arts Society Cinema Club Records, 1953-2007 MS 522 The International Arts Society Cinema Club Records are comprised of financial, planning, and program files, programs, tickets, intermittent membership rolls, and newspaper clippings about the organization for the full span of its existence, 1953-2007. The International Arts Society was founded in 1953 at the University of Arizona in Tucson to “present mature cinema for the enjoyment and edification of University faculty, staff, and students.”

Jill Corey Collection, 1953-2004 MS 476  This collection contains magazines, newspapers, sheet music, photographs, DVDs, CDs, records, and other documents relating to the life of Jill Corey. Jill Corey was a famous singer, television star, film actress, and radio personality in the 1950s and 1960s. In the latter half of the twentieth century she made a name for herself in musical theatre. Materials pertaining to both careers are found in the collection.

Movie Poster and Associated Materials Collection, 1908-1977 MS 528  This is an artificial collection comprised motion picture posters and related materials, which include press kits, film scripts, and still photographs, as well as  advertisements for western goods and depictions of western life in the 20th century. Motion pictures filmed in the American Southwest is the central theme of the majority of the materials.