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AI Literacy in the Age of ChatGPT

How UA libraries can help

Our approach to information literacy allows us to teach students the "why" instead of only the "how," and it helps them think of themselves as creators and participants in scholarly communications. It also addresses competencies that students need to develop in order to become skillful researchers.

Learn more about our approach and our instructional support.

We can work with you to embed information literacy (including AI literacy) into your courses.
Set up an instruction consultation with your liaison librarian.

Our tutorials now include information about generative AI

New as of September 15! Tutorials about ChatGPT and Generative AI.

  1. The technology behind ChatGPT
  2. How does ChatGPT aim to prevent harmful use?
  3. What is generative AI?
  4. Using ChatGPT effectively

We also have an assignment for helping students plan library research:

See also our other tutorials and classroom assignments (not AI-related).