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AI Literacy in the Age of ChatGPT

Workshops and training at UA

Nov. 1,  Nov. 29, Dec. 5. AI at Arizona Town Hall series.
AI in Teaching and Learning, AI in Industry, Gen Z & AI debate, AI in Research

A series on several dates between Oct. 12 and Nov. 30: UArizona Data Lab: Fine Tuning A Pre-trained model
For those with a basic Python programming knowledge.

Previous (most have recordings available)

Sept. 6, 2023. AI at Arizona: What's New. (recording and slides - UA only)

August 15, 2023. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Workshop
A free, in-person-only workshop brought to you by the UArizona Data Science Institute and CyVerse. Come to the AM Session only for the basics or stay for the PM Session to apply what you've learned to your own use case or domain!

May 31, 2023. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering - Recording available (YouTube)
This in-person workshop, attended by 74 participants, was led by instructors Tyson L. Swetnam of CyVerse, Carlos Lizárraga-Celaya, Greg T. Chism, and Heidi Steiner of UArizona's Data Science Institute, and Andrew Bennett, an incoming Assistant Professor in Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences at UA.  Workshop materials.

May 18, 2023. AI Literacy: Using ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence Tools in Instruction - Recording available (Vimeo)
This virtual workshop, attended by 42 members of UA Libraries staff, was led by Nicole Hennig. Learn the basics of AI literacy and why it's an important part of information literacy in the age of ChatGPT and similar tools.
Workshop materials: Learning more, teaching tips, copy of the slides. (PDF)