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Guide for finding and using library resources for College of Nursing students.and faculty

Why use these tools?

These tools focus on providing clinical answers that are grounded in evidence-based practice. You'll find comprehensive information on:

  • drugs
  • diseases & procedures
  • treatments
  • differential diagnosis
  • practice guidelines
  • patient education

Clinical Databases & Tools

Cochrane Reviews
Contains systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy, including systematic nursing reviews. You can search and view both the abstract and the full text of the systematic reviews.

In addition to full-text articles from leading medical journals and reference books across a wide range of specialties, this database also provides clinically relevant drug information and patient handouts. It replaces MD Consult. ClinicalKey includes First Consult, full text clinical information on drugs, diseases and procedures, and practice guidelines with supporting documentation.

Explorit! EBM 
Five tools have been developed: General, Emergency Medicine, Medical Imaging, Pediatrics and Surgery/Critical Care. In each tool, one search box searches across a number of databases and limits results to evidence-based information.

Associate Librarian

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Maribeth Slebodnik
University of Arizona
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College of Nursing, Room 321
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