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Systematic Review Support Through Main Library

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Conducting a systematic review

Follow systematic review standards and guidance documents to ensure that your review project is not methodologically flawed. Different review types, such as systematic or scoping reviews, have specific standards and guidance. 


Systematic Review Process:

Preparing a systematic review protocol

A systematic or scoping review protocol is the roadmap for your review project and project team members, and is based on accepted systematic review standards and guidance. A registered protocol alerts other researchers that you are at work on a specific review topic. A review protocol can be published as a peer-reviewed paper.

Protocol Guidance:

Protocol Reporting:

  • PRISMA for Systematic Review Protocols (PRISMA-P)

Register a Protocol:

Examples of systematic review protocols

Systematic review protocol examples:

  • Alyami, A., Soares, M. J., Sherriff, J. L., Zhao, Y., Hallett, J., & Coombes, F. (2015). A systematic review protocol examining the effect of vitamin D supplementation on endothelial function. BMJ open, 5(6), e006835.
  • O'Connor, T., Moore, Z. E., & Patton, D. (2021). Patient and lay career education for preventing pressure ulceration in at-risk populations. Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2(2), CD012006.


Reporting a systematic review

Guidance about what to include in the write up of your systematic review: