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Analyzing Multilingual Primary Sources [DRAFT]

Before class preparation/set up

Print Worksheets

Search the Library of Congress website to identify collections that contain multilingual resources.




Distribute Worksheet and work through steps

Discussion of Students' Sources

What to consider when examining bilingual primary sources: 

  • When and where was this text produced?
  • Who published it
  • Who are the authors?
  • Who are its intended readers?
  • What language(s), variety(ies), or dialect(s) are used in the text?
  • What modalities are used?
  • How is language(s) organized in the text?  
  • How does this organization influence the reader’s experience reading experience?  
  • Is there a phonetic representation of the language?
  • Are there direct/literal translations?
  • Is repetition present in the texts? If so, in what forms? 


Students will select a historical (older than the past 20 years) example of a text that includes more than one language, and through research, analyze and contextualize its production. Students will write a 4-5 page analysis of their selected text.

Students will use the questions from the discussion above to guide their analysis.