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RefWorks Transition Guide

Bulk transfer of PDFs

Follow the instructions below to transfer your PDFs (or other files) from Legacy RefWorks to your new citation manager. Note: If you are already using the blue Proquest RefWorks, start with Step 2 below.

  1. Legacy RefWorks users, create a Proquest Refworks account using your UA email address and log in.
  2. Select the + sign at the top of RefWorks, select Import references, then RefWorks.

    Clicking the + sign in the library_controls menu and selecting import references

    After a couple of steps to authenticate, your citations should be transferred from your old RefWorks account to your new RefWorks account automatically.

  3. In your Proquest RefWorks, select your name at the top right, then select Settings.
  4. After re-entering your login information, move down the page and select Connect under Dropbox.
  5. If you don't already have one, create a Dropbox account, then sign in. Your new RefWorks account should now be linked with your Dropbox account.  All of your PDFs are now under the folder Apps, in the subfolder called ProQuest RefWorks.
  6. Open your Zotero/Mendeley/EndNote window and Dropbox window side-by-side. Drag and drop each PDF from Dropbox to the matching article in the citation manager to reattach the PDFs.

    Zotero and Dropbox windows side-by-side

Option 2: 

Download your pdf’s from RefWorks onto your computer and then import the pdf’s into your new citation manager.