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Jeffrey Oliver
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University Libraries
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
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Genome browsers

These browsers each provide a navigable interface which integrates information from several databases.

Ensembl Ensembl hosts several genomic databases and resources for comparative genomics, variation, gene regulation, and epigenetics. Browse through over eighty genomes, from alpacas through zebrafish. Ensembl also provides tools for identifying phenotypic effects of genetic variants and comparing your data with known genomic variation.
UCSC Genome Browser The UCSC Genome Browser provides an interactive interface for navigating several sources of genomic information including sequence variation, epigenetic modifications, and transcription factor binding sites. In addition to the genomes of several model organisms, the UCSC Genome Browser also has annotated genomes of many other species, including those of naked mole-rats, the Ebola virus, and over ten species of fruit flies!
NCBI Variation Viewer The Variation Viewer at NCBI allows you to search the human genome and visualize known genomic variants. The viewer integrates data from several genetic databases, including Gene, dbSNP, and dbVar. The viewer also includes information on medical genetics and gene expression. You can even use the Variation Viewer to compare your own data to what is already known about genetic variation and gene expression.