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Service centers at the University of Arizona

From experimental design and data management support to DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analyses, a number of campus centers can support your bioinformatic research efforts.

Bio Computing Facility
Cutting-edge computing technologies that draw upon the interdisciplinary strengths and resources available at the UA campus. Staff members are well versed in numerical and statistical methods, database design and implementation, software development (including web and mobile applications), image analysis (acquisition and processing), and training. The BCF team can evaluate the computational needs for projects and recommend appropriate technologies and methods accordingly.
Bioinformatics Shared Resource
Analysis of high throughput sequencing and molecular data, as well as integration of large data with clinical and/or biological information. The Bioinformatics Shared Resource is part of the Arizona Cancer Center, focusing on bioinformatic developments to improve our understanding of cancer.
Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics
Services and tools to ultimately improve healthcare and patient outcomes, including:
  • i2B2, a cohort discovery tool for interrogating the Clinical Data Warehouse to determine the feasibility of clinical trials.
  • REDCap, a web application for managing forms and surveys. The Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics also provides training for using REDCap at a variety of experience levels.
  • Bioinformatics consulting for early stages of project development, including study design, bioinformatics analysis planning, and visualization.
Genome Analytics Service
Genomic research analysis, including genome assembly, differential expression, epigenomics, and general bioinformatic analyses. This service can also help with grant proposal development, data lifecycle management, and project management.
University of Arizona Genetics Core
Provides genetic testing and molecular biology services, including DNA and genome sequencing, SNP genotyping, fragment analysis, and real-time PCR.