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Libcal Appointments

Getting There...

To manage your availability times and appointments, go to Appointments > Availability


Adding Available Times

Use this page to set up your availability - this determines the dates and times that patrons can book an appointment with you. The grid on the right of the screen shows your current availability.

When first starting, your appointment calendar displays only blue squares - representing an hour where you have not added an availability time.

Because this will be synced to your Outlook calendar, any meetings, appointments or other conflicts that are booked in Outlook during your regular LibCal Appointments "availability" time slots will automatically show as unavailable ("busy")

The duration of each new availability time you add will be determined by the Appointment Duration setting in My Settings


Color Coding

Once you've added your availability times, you'll notice differently colored squares on your availability calendar. Each color corresponds to a different availability status. Here's a quick summary of what they mean.

Adding Your Available Times


Set your availability for a single date, or a series of dates

  1. Click and Select- Start Time
  2. Click and Select - End Time
  3. Choose "Repeat Pattern" (from single data through monthly or multi-date picker)
  4. Based on the repeat pattern, choose days of week, days of month etc.
  5. Enter "Frequency" (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  6. Click and Select - Start Date Click and Select - End Date

Then "Add Availlability"

Deleting Individual Time Slots

To delete availability, fill out the form as you normally would when adding availability, and then run the to see any bookings that have been created within this range. Deleting availability will not delete previously created bookings.

To delete an individual time slot, click on the slot in the availability grid marked Available or Busy in Outlook/Google Calendar